Beyond 1%

increase investment with understanding based on risk tolerance
On that note, if you do eventually decide to put in more than 1% of your money, I do not recommend putting in any money that you think you will need any time soon. While I believe strongly in Bitcoin as a longer term investment, it is very volatile (moves up and down a lot), so in any short period of time anyone is at risk of losing a good portion of the money they invested if they buy, its goes down, they get scared or need the money, and then sell. On a similar note, I do not recommend investing more money than you are willing to lose. Of course, no one wants to lose money, but if losing the full amount you have invested is not a risk you are willing to take, you should invest less. I personally am young, no one depends on me, and I can cut back on my expenses quite a bit if I want to. Because of all that, my risk tolerance is fairly high. I believe that if I lost most of my money tomorrow I would be fine in the long run. As such, I am currently holding about 1/3 of my money in Bitcoin. I do not recommend this for you. I understand Bitcoin relatively well and I have only increased my investment as I have increased my understanding over time. If you would like to increase your investment in Bitcoin, I recommend you do so in parallel to increasing your understanding as well. There are many more nuances and risks than I have laid out herein. None of them I view as major concerns for someone who is only putting 1% of their money in Bitcoin. That is another reason why that is where I recommend everyone begins.